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SIGMA is a comprehensive set of integrated software solutions for business management.

Σigma business software – our software solutions provide correct and right-time

information in any moment to all employees for the purpose of efficient management

of business processes and better decision making.

Information system SIGMA (∑igma) is a comprehensive set of integrated software solutions (modules) over a single database.

Applicable solutions for the modular system includes a complete parts of the business processes necessary for business management and monitoring.

The simple design of the user interface provides easy orientation and requires little user training, and control of data input errors is reduced to a minimum.

Tamnjanka Ltd. offers the follwoing out-of-the-box software packages: 

  • Production Industry - ∑igma and ∑igma-LON
  • Tourist Agencies- ∑igma-Agent
  • Bookkeeping Agencies


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Based on testing of the software solution Sigma-LON, Customs inspections of Kragujevac Customs Office have approved Yura Corporation Ltd. in Raca software solution for import/export activities by method of averaged normative of finished products.

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