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The company Tamnjanka Ltd. was founded in 1996.
In 1999. we have opened an office in Sabac and start active work on designing, programming, implementation and maintenance of Information Systems.

Our work is based on years of experience, active participation in designing, programming, implementation and maintenance of various information systems.
In addition to full-time employees, our associates also actively participate in projects.:

  • Nenad Stefanovic, PhD - Servers & Architecture
  • Dragan Bojic, BSc in Economics – auditor
  • Divna Matic-Jerotic – Layer
  • Toncev Dušan – BSc in Engineering

Information System Development

Development of information system includes the following phases of work:

  • defining the architecture of information system (subsystems and modules)
  • develop a model of data for each sub-system and single data model
  • define a function of each subsystem and the connection between them
  • defining the necessary preconditions (staff, hardware, etc.).
  • design, testing and installing application programs in the executive phase
  • testing of designed and programmed solutions
  • user training
  • maintenance of delivered programs 

In developing Information system we respect the following principles:

  • comprehensiveness, ie. eliminating paper records and other handy documemntation, up to date data ie. data enters the system at the time of event occurrence.
  • availability, ie. data entered into the computer, no matter in which part of the business are created, all services are available in a format that is convenient for them and according to the level of authority.
  • integration function, which is reflected in the possibility of a comprehensive consideration of certain business segments.
  • effectiveness in the work, help (help), generating a document based on previous
  • durability, soundness of business rules and an openness to further development.


Multilingual support  

User interface of the complete information system can be delivered in two languages - in Serbian and English.

All software solutions offer flexibility and reliability and can be tailored to user needs. The installation demands the previous installation of SQL Server, setting up a Windows network, and sourcing the necessary hardware and network equipment.

A service provider (Tamnjanka) is permanently committed to the maintenance of the supplied programs to the client and will sign a separate contract with the Customer after the delivery of all programs. Maintenance agreement would be valid as the parties agree.

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