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Sigma - materials management and invoicing


SIGMA includes modules for material management and billing

Learn more about these modules and see some of the screenshots...

Sigma Information System is a comprehensive set of integrated software solutions (modules) over a single database. Modular software solution encompasses a complete set of the business processeses necessary to monitor and manage business system.

The uniform and intuitive design of the user interface provides easy orientation, navigation and little training, and the control of data input errors is reduced to a minimum.

Materials Management

Document creation - Receiving list of the storage material


  • Creation of receiving list
  • Data entry from supplier's documents, directly to the formation of vendors analytics.
  • Automatic creation of orders in financial accounting on the basis of previously defined parameters.
  • Recording VAT and control of VAT period.
  • Full control of updating data for Analysis of materials (material accounting-card), supplier analytics (cards and IOS) and synthetics (financial accounting).


materijalno poslovanje

Buyers – Invoicing

  • Easy to produce invoices.
  • Defining automatic formation of the journal entry based on the parameters of the invoice type.
  • Control of VAT records and calculating.
  • Printing of VAT book.







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