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ECDL employee testing


Check the ability of your employees to use computers.

Test knowledge of your employees in the field of information technology.

Don't be too sure that specific training for particular tasks provides "digital literacy" of employees. Take the advantage of our cheap and quick test as "preventive medical checkup" of real readiness for contemporary IT business. Check the benefits that European standards provide us and improve the working efficiency

By using Internet method, for only 9,99 Euros per employee, you will get very clear picture of real level of knowledge, which will help you to determine further steps to accomplish better working efficiency and position of your company on the market. Also, you will get several additional effects:

  1. Since majority of employees in Europe are only partially educated in this field through specialized courses (or are self-educated in IT), this test will also be the test of their wishes to improve their IT knowledge, and thus also the loyalty to the company, readiness to new business demands and so on.
  2. You will get real, quick and clear picture of employees' abilities to use basic computer applications (Windows, Office, Internet), which will be very useful for probable better redistribution of tasks, according to their affinities.
  3. The test announcement itself acts very stimulating to employees, increases the will for additional learning and improves the productivity for at least 15% 4. With minimal investment, you will get much faster accomplishments of everyday tasks, satisfies clients and of course, even better position on the market.

Our test is interesting, its duration is only 45 minutes and it can be taken without leaving the workplace. It is designed in accordance with most the important European standard for this purpose: ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence!

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