1. What is ECDL?

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the leading certification program computer skills for end users.
It is internationally known as a generally accepted benchmark for end-user computer skills and is the leading certification to be adopted by governments, international organizations and related corporations.
ECDL / ICDL certifies that the person who receives the certificate is fully competent to use personal computer and common computer applications and knows the essential concepts.
ECDL / ICDL Syllabus is unique in that it is designed to be completely independent from the seller. It gives candidates the flexibility and freedom to acquire these skills and confidently apply them in any software environment they may be required to use.
ECDL / ICDL is a test of practical skills and competencies and consists of seven separate modules covering computer theory and practice.

2. What is ICDL?

Outside Europe, the ECDL is known as the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL).

3. What is an index - a skills card?

In the index to record the progress of candidates through the seven tests that make up the ECDL certification. Upon registration, each candidate has to buy the index and once all seven tests, must apply the index in order to get the final ECDL / ICDL certification. As each module is passed, the accredited test center will endorse, confirming that the module successfully tested and passed. When the pass all the modules, the index is passed to the holder the rights and licenses issued by the ECDL or ICDL license / certificate.

4. How do I get index?

 Indexes can be purchased at any accredited test center.

5. How long does it take to complete ECDL exam?

 Exam (module) is performed in the presence of certified testers and takes 45 minutes.

6. How many points are needed to pass the exam?

 In order to pass the exam should be correctly answer more than 75% of the questions or tasks.

7. What is the difference between ECDL Start and ECDL Standard Certificate?

 ECDL Start certificate gets the pass 4 modules of your choice, and the Standard ECDL certificate is obtained when the pass all 7 modules.

8. Can a candidate take the exam without attending the training?

Each candidate can take the exam and without prior training, if it considers that it is ready to take the appropriate test.

9. What are the experiences of other countries that have adopted the ECDL program?

In Norway, research has shown that the average computer user loses 2 hours per week and 51 minutes in seeking help in solving tasks. Most respondents (73%) requested assistance from colleagues, which increases the unwanted double amount of time. In short, the company annually loses 136 hours per user computers, which for a company with 1,000 customers mean a loss of nearly 4.5 million in "hidden costs of IT"!
Italian Bocconi University conducted a research entitled "The price of ignorance in the Information Society". It was found that the Italian worker for computer illiteracy average annual loses 16 working days. After the introduction of ECDL testing program has shown the increase in productivity of 20% to 40% depending on the knowledge of respondents.
From this it can be concluded that ECDL solves the problem of hidden IT costs.

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