ECDL Aims and benefits

ECDL - goals and benefits


The objectives of the introduction and implementation of ECDL:

• promote computer literacy
• raise the level of IT skills
• facilitate access to information society
• facilitate the mobility of the work
• facilitate the further improvement
• improve productivity
• increase the earnings of IT investments


For employers and managers:

• Determine the level of knowledge of its employees in accordance with internationally recognized standards
• Create a better job classification
• Increase the utilization of IT resources
• Increase productivity (+15%)
• Reduce costs

For unemployeed:

• Do not avoid job ads that requires candidate's computer skills
• Learn the business use of computers
• Get yourself an internationally recognized ECDL certificate
• Get an advantage in employment in the country and abroad

For those who already use compuers at work:

• Check and improve your knowledge
• Open the way for higher levels of IT skills through the Advance program
• Facilitate resolution of everyday tasks
• Achieve greater mobility in the business
• Increase confidence

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