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European Computer Driving Licence is a test of knowledge of essential IT concepts, practical skills and competencies, which confirms that the owner of the certificate as fully competent to use personal computer and basic software applications. Thanks to the great success that was achieved in Europe, ECDL program was extended to the whole world under the title International Computer Driving License (ICDL).


ECDL program is designed for anyone who wants to educate themselves or assert their knowledge in the field of information technology. ECDL is a test of practical skills in using computers. Joining the ECDL certificate program allows you to better perform everyday tasks easier, and easier employment both at home and abroad.

JISA  -  Serbian Information Society is official holder of the ECDL license both for Serbia and Montenegro.
Tamnjanka Ltd –  Certified ECDL Test Center, Serbia, Sabac.

ECDL Certificate

Prepare on-line for the exam from the comfort of your home.
Test on-line and immediately find out the results of the examination.

With us, you can speed up the learning process several times and save your valuable time and money, and also certify your computer skills accordig to international standards.

Preparation and examination are conducted according to the ECDL Syllabus 4.0.curriculum which consists of 7 modules:

1. Information and Communication Technology
2. Using the Computer and Managing Files
3. Word Processing
4. Spreadsheets
5. Databases
6. Presentations
7. Information and communication

There are two levels of knowledge, or the two indexes for which ECDL certificate can be obtained:

1. ECDL Standard - Core index (all 7 modules)
2. ECDL Start index (selected 4 modules)


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