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Tamnjanka Ltd.


Happy Holidays!

Tamnjanka Ltd. is a company engaged in designing and developing information systems, as well as providing IT services and ECDL training and testing.


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An integral software solution which consist of several modules for enterprise resource management.


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Software solution for customs operations, temporary import, export, warehousing operations, etc.


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Software application designed and developed according to the requirements and business needs of travel agencies.



ECDL program is designed for all who want to educate themselves or assert their knowledge in the field of information technology. ECDL is a test of practical skills to use computers. Joining the ECDL certificate program allows you to better perform everyday tasks and easier employment both at home and abroad.


The concept of ECDL

ECDL program is intended for anyone who wants to educate and to verify the knowledge and skills in using a personal computer and general IT technologies, which facilitates their employment in the country and abroad. National computer societies are amenable for the implementation of the ECDL program in European countries.

Tamnjanka Ltd. is authorized training and testing ECDL center.

Tamnjanka Ltd. and Media

Tamnjanka Ltd. is a regular visitor to many scientific and professional conferences in the field of information technology. At this year's event INFOTECH 2010, Tamnjanka participated as an exhibitor and also in promoting their products and services.

·Click on image below to see the video.

Tamnjanka doo :: Infotech 2010

Tamnjanka web portal

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We have started our new web portal -

Web portal brings a set of newest Web 2.0 technologies and services. serves as a unified source of information about our company.

From now on, in one place, visitors can find all the necessary information about our products and services, as well as the latest news related to the operation of the company.

Web portal offers a range of functionality such as a variety of modules, easy and fast search, interactivity, sending and receiving information, and so on.


ECDL employee testing


Check the ability of your employees to use computers.

Test knowledge of your employees in the field of information technology.

Don't be too sure that specific training for particular tasks provides "digital literacy" of employees. Take the advantage of our cheap and quick test as "preventive medical checkup" of real readiness for contemporary IT business. Check the benefits that European standards provide us and improve the working efficiency


Sigma - materials management and invoicing


SIGMA includes modules for material management and billing

Learn more about these modules and see some of the screenshots...

Sigma Information System is a comprehensive set of integrated software solutions (modules) over a single database. Modular software solution encompasses a complete set of the business processeses necessary to monitor and manage business system.

The uniform and intuitive design of the user interface provides easy orientation, navigation and little training, and the control of data input errors is reduced to a minimum.


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